Born on Moscow in 1955. In 1980, with honors, graduated from the Moscow Art School, 1905. "His thesis considered the best work of the year. Since 1981, working as an artist, the designer of the plant diorama, layout and artwork of the Moscow city branch of the Arts Fund of the RSFSR. Most of the projects A. Grechanik was awarded diplomas of the Russian Artists Union. For the project design Taganskaya Square in Moscow on the topic, In memory of Vladimir Vysotsky, the author received second place in Russia. At the same time enter the Moscow Union of Artists. Classical education affects the early works . They are written in a realistic manner. To a greater extent, this still life and landscape painting in the style of impressionism. Since 1978, Alexander is a permanent member of national and zonal youth exhibitions that take place in the central exhibition halls of Moscow (Arena, the Kuznetsk bridge, etc.) . Enters the Moscow Union of Artists (MOSH). Gradually begins to develop his own style. Grechanik calls it, is intuitively SYMBOLISM. Since 1984, exhibiting his work, the famous "Gallery artists informals on" Small Georgian,, from August 1990 to live in Israel. Works by the artist in archeology at the University of Ben Gurion's behalf. Illustrates the scientific books of archaeological excavations. At the same time becomes a member of the International Association of Artists of UNESCO. Conducting a series of solo exhibitions in Tel-Aviv (gallery Grossman), Jerusalem (municipality), Beer-Sheva (Museum of Modern Art, municipalities). Participates in the exhibition of artists-emigrants in London (GALLERY OF MODERN ART ART) TRANSITION
In the gallery of paintings
Since 1995 lives in Moscow. Enter into creative alliance Artists of Russia. Conducting a series of solo exhibitions (gallery, Belyaeva, "House Naschekino", gallery, ASTI, "gallery under the government of Russia, Pines, Moscow Fund of Culture, etc.).
In 2000, the artist's works were marked by the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris . In the same year he published a series of films directed by Irina Bakhtina about artists living abroad (M Shemyakin, E. Neizvesnyi, A. Brussilovsky, A. Grechanik) movies that are broadcast around the world - Germany, America, Australia and Israel. Rated People's Choice Award, the film, about a "oh lucky man" - Alexandr Grechanik, ranked and displayed on the central TV Channels Russia. In May 2008, the artist taking part in an international auction in Vienna, Dorotheum.
Name of auction, the classics of modern art of the twentieth century. Among the participants in the auction - Picasso, Leger, Matisse, Chagall, Dali. Alexander Grechanik the only Russian artist, admitted to the auction. The works of Grechanik can be attributed to the symbolism. The artist himself, recently prone to call their direction, Associated realism. To the author's earlier work is characterized by great presence of characters (people, animals, plants, architecture), the complexity of composition, and experimentation with texture. Сolors of works tended toward a bright, open flowers . Lately, the artist works on a painting by him alone slave laws. Of great importance is given to the content, so it is important titles of works. Many people compare his paintings with parables.
All is minimized (almost canonical image, restrained color the place is happening, time). The works are made in the technique -glaze (overlay of one color to another in a sequence). This allows the glow of the paint layer. This effect can be seen in the works of old masters. Technique, accuracy of the composition, styling, special philosophy -all this gives the works of A. Grechanik absolute individuality, your own face, which is so important in art.


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